WI 70th birthday

(Last updated Feb 2020)

The Sydling W.I. turned 70 in 2019, not a bad milestone from which to look back and see how we have helped to improve the quality of life in our community and beyond. It provides the opportunity for women to meet together on a regular basis in friendship, shared interests, knowledge, support and happy social time. Sydling is a small WI with a wide age range. Our backgrounds differ  tremendously making a rich tapestry of experience to be shared with each other. New people to the village  are helped to integrate effortlessly by just turning up at a meeting and enjoying the camaraderie. All newcomers are most welcome.

We all take a very active part in village events eg. serving our legendary cakes and teas at the annual marathon in June. The new radiography dept. at Dorchester Hospital, that has been used by our members, has benefitted also from our rigorous fundraising. This year our charity is “Mind.” It has to be said that the village itself is very supportive of our events and friends and husbands are only too pleased to lend a hand on various occasions. Our Rummage Sale on Oct.12th was one of those, bargains galore and queues at the door!
We meet on the second Thursday of the month,excluding August, in Sydling Village Hall at 7.30pm. Our meetings start with welcoming an invited speaker. Topics this year range from “A humorous account of a busy veterinary surgeons life” to a cookery demonstration in the new village hall state of the art kitchen entitled “Three simple supper dishes.” We have a talk on “Working behind the scenes of The National Trust”and a demonstration “Creating textures in clay.” Every year is varied and different and delicious eats and teas are served by members.We end the meeting with our own bit of business conducted by our President and a brief financial report from our Treasurer. Our two Secretaries are always busy making notes during the process.
This year we are celebrating our 70th. birthday with a cream tea at a beautiful hotel in Dorset. Our President has made a special cake which is being iced by a talented lady of the village.
At Christmas time you`ll find us all celebrating with  wonderful meal  either in a member`s home or our lovely Greyhound Pub ………husbands and partners included!
For further information contact Betty Symes our President 01300 341389.